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No other resource gives you such depth AND breadth on so many sales-related topics, from so many experts – literally everything you need to know to become a Master of Selling and take your sales to a level you could only ever dream of before now.

Dear Sales Professional;

Whether you’re starting your sales career or whether you’ve been a top salesperson for many years,


Selling is one of the most rewarding and noble professions in the world. (But ‘NOT selling’ has got to be one of the most FRUSTRATING!) Yet I’m willing to predict…

You have nowhere near as many customers and sales as you would like!

And the reason usually boils down to one of two things: Mindset or Skills. (It’s not the Economy … so I hope you’re not using THAT excuse!)

When you make your living in Sales, or the success of your business depends on Selling (and doesn’t every business, to some extent?), you likely already know the value of constantly honing your knowledge and your attitude.

I’m guessing you probably read lots of books and trade magazines…

But with the thousands of books out there on “Selling”, how can you be so sure you’re getting the best advice?

And how do you separate the wheat from the chaff without spending your entire workday studying instead of selling … or sacrificing your family life for the sake of ‘continuing education’ and ‘professional development’?

That’s EASY!

Because we’ve already done it for you.

Introducing what is indisputably the greatest single collection of selling strategies this side of the cash register … and a tremendous aid to virtually anybody in sales, sales management, customer support, or sales training:

“Mastering the World of Selling:
The Ultimate Training Resource From the Biggest Names in Sales”

Here in one volume is all the most vital training you really need to maximize the profit-pulling power of your entire sales force … whether it’s a team of twenty, or only you.

“This book is all about what is working now in business, sales, service, and personal development for the second decade of the twenty-first century. The messages offered are from experts in their field who actually use these methods and strategies to build their own success. Your job is to adopt them, adapt them, and turn them into money.”

- Jeffrey Gitomer, America’s #1 sales authority
Author of The Little Red Book of Selling

Hi, I’m Eric Taylor.

And together with my co-author David Riklan, I want to invite you to finally join the ranks of the Master Sales Professionals – those who know how to instantly use any strategy, tactic, or technological advancement available … to handle all objections, turn any situation to their advantage, and make those “tricky” sales that would blow most salespeople right out of the water.

Our goal in creating Mastering the World of Selling is simple, clear, and focused: To help you sell whatever you have better … faster … smarter … in greater quantities … with more profit than ever before … and building you into an extremely successful Sales Professional!

This guide is about to become your ultimate sales tool.

David and I have spent many months carefully culling only the best, most helpful, and most relevant teachings, techniques, and tips from hundreds of books and other resources – all of them representing the very cream of the Sales Training Industry – including…

This is the stuff we KNOW will benefit you … because we use it ourselves every day, right there in the trenches … fighting to gain more market share and keep our existing client base.

And now you too can put such stars of Selling as Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Jeffrey Gitomer, Brian Tracy, Jill Konrath, Charles H. Green, and dozens of others on your sales team today, with the one guide designed to replace an entire shelf of your Sales library!

Whether you’re just starting your sales career today or have been closing complex transactions for decades … when you’re looking to sell more, this book delivers…

A Proven Solution For Every Problem…

Just have a quick look at a few of the articles and topics in Mastering The World of Selling:

And in case that’s not enough for you, we also fully cover…

“Presentations” and “Successful Meetings”:

“Opening and Closing”:

“Mindset” and “Psychology”:

“Taming The Telephone”:

…and so … much … MORE!

Sure that’s a lot … but it’s still only scratching the surface of what’s waiting for you here! We set out to over-deliver … and I believe we’ve even over-delivered on that.

In its 385 pages, Mastering The World of Selling brings you…

… and hundreds of ‘Quick Tips’
from the top sales trainers in the world

These “Quick Tips”, brief and simple, are easy to digest and equally easy to recall later on when you need them:

And of course the whole works is fully indexed … giving you instant access to the help you need when you need it!

Now you may be thinking…

“I’ve already heard most of this before…”


…but certainly not all of it. And if just one key strategy we include here could produce a 5-10% bump in Sales, then what would it be worth to your bottom line? And besides…

Even if you’ve been in this game for half your life, reading books on Selling and attending Sales seminars, and thinking you’ve “heard it all”…

Do you still remember all you’ve heard? And are you actually using it?

“Research shows that 87 percent of the information delivered in seminars and workshops is forgotten within 30 days. After that, the retention rate gets worse.”

- Duane Sparks, author of Action Selling

“I am challenging you to … strike from your mind the phrase ‘I know that.’ Most salespeople already know everything; the problem is that they don’t do it. Rather, ask yourself, ‘How good at that am I on a scale of 1 to 10?’”

- Jeffrey Gitomer, America’s #1 sales authority
Author of The Little Red Book of Selling


In Mastering The World of Selling you’re getting up-to-the-minute advice on using all the latest “Sales 2.0” technologies, from such experts as:


…along with timeless wisdom from Napoleon Hill, Robert Cialdini, Dale Carnegie, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar and others, speaking on…


89 contributors in all – every one, an acknowledged expert in their field including:

Bob Burg Kendra Lee Blair Singer
Colleen Francis Dr. Ivan Misner Art Sobczak
Ari Galper Mike Macedonio Wendy Weiss
Jeffrey Gitomer Neil Rackham Ed Emde
Chet Holmes Keith Rosen Drew Stevens
Dave Allman Frank Rumbauskas Ann Miller

Why so many?

Because every one of them has a different personality, and a different way of getting their point across (just as you and I – and our customers and prospects – have different ways of understanding things)…

…and the more perspectives and teaching styles we can gather together, the more powerfully effective this manual becomes in helping you achieve your sales goals.

I promise you this:

Just one good idea from the hundreds in this book can give you a tremendous competitive advantage and repay your investment many times over.

Prove it to yourself today!

Get Mastering The World of Selling … put its simple-yet-powerful strategies into action right away … and I promise you:

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Here’s to your greater sales success!

Chief Collaboration Officer
Empowerment Group International
Co-Creator of "Mastering the World of Selling"

President and Founder – the largest online resource for becoming a better you
Co-Creator of "Mastering the World of Selling"

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Jeffrey Gitomer

Want to learn to listen better? Maximize your listening skills, increase your productivity, reduce errors, gain customer loyalty, and most of all help you make more sales. In this little e-book Jeffrey outlines the 14.5 Listen Lesson Guidelines and how to get your prospect listening, laughing, and buying.


Tom Hopkins

Nothing happens until someone sells something. Learn simple, yet powerful strategies to find more clients and close more sales from master sales trainer, Tom Hopkins.

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Hear an audio recording from America’s motivator, Zig Ziglar.

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Brilliant on the Basics Ebook – Finding One Key Skill to Help You Double Your Sales and Your Income.

Keith Rosen

BONUS BOOK ONE: "The Seven Types of Prospectors"

BONUS BOOK TWO: "Leadership Mojo"

Jill Konrath

"Selling to Crazy-Busy Prospects Audio"

Get this 45-minute session & more from Jill Konrath, author of #1 Amazon bestseller, SNAP Selling.

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"23 Cold Calling Opening Statement Mistakes that Cause
Rejection, and What to Say Instead"

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Kendra Lee's podcast: “Financial Justification in a Snap.”

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High Probability Selling

Recording of Scott Channel’s interview of Jacques Werth.

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