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Jeffrey Gitomer

Want to learn to listen better? Maximize your listening skills, increase your productivity, reduce errors, gain customer loyalty, and most of all help you make more sales. In this little e-book Jeffrey outlines the 14.5 Listen Lesson Guidelines and how to get your prospect listening, laughing, and buying.
Learn to listen in two words...shut up!
A course in listening skills.
I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you. Could you repeat that?
Maximize your listening skills and increase customer loyalty.
A lesson from a laugh. Listen to this one.
Funny bridges the gap between professional and friendly.
A tune you can listen to. A message you can hear.
Toward error free positive communication.
Test your listening self-discipline.
Listening building skills.

Keith Rosen

BONUS BOOK ONE: The Seven Types of Prospectors

Although developing a unique approach to prospecting is encouraged, there are some toxic strategies to abandon which will sabotage your prospecting efforts. Use this guide to uncover which type of prospectors you are and how to adjust your prospecting approach and communication style to uncover more selling opportunities.

BONUS BOOK TWO: Leadership Mojo

Learn how to coach your team to sell more today with this compilation of ideas and strategies to coach your sales team into high performing champions. Over 100 pages filled with practical tips to turn underperformers around, boost sales fast, build a culture of accountability, maximize team productivity and avoid the most common coaching mistakes managers make.

Jill Konrath

"Selling to Crazy-Busy Prospects Audio"

Get this 45-minute session & more from Jill Konrath, author of #1 Amazon bestseller, SNAP Selling. Discover strategies that actually work in today's business environment.

Art Sobczak

"23 Cold Calling Opening Statement Mistakes that Cause
Rejection, and What to Say Instead"

This 25-minute audio seminar and report shows what to NOT say at the beginning cold calls...words that stimulate resistance, and instead, what TO say to gain interest.

Terri Sjodin

Exclusive Preview of the Small Message, Big Impact Audio program.

How the right elevator speech has structure, a close and can earn you the right to be heard.

Bryan Dodge

The Good Life Rules - 8 Keys to Being Your Best at Work and Home

Having a "serving" mentality, transparency and the ability to like yourself will help you to be successful at work and home. Bring the energy home.

Tony Alessandra

Alessandra on Collaborative Selling MP3: Learn how Collaborative Selling will keep your customers coming back for seconds, thirds… and a lifetime of patronage!In Alessandra on Collaborative Selling MP3, Dr. Tony shares his own personal experience and lessons learned as a salesperson to show you the difference between making a sale versus making a customer. Listen to this one-hour audio program and develop quality,
lasting relationships that will make true, loyal customers who will continue to buy over and over again, and refer you endlessly to other potential customers.The Collaborative Selling MP3 covers these 6 sales

1. Target your top 20%
2. Contacting Prospects
3. Exploring Needs
4. Collaborative Solutions
5. Confirming the Sale
6. Assuring Customer Loyalty

The bottom line is people don't like to be sold. They love to buy; they love to spend money; but they don't like to be manipulated. Listen to Alessandra on Collaborative Selling MP3 and employ these easy lessons to transform your selling philosophy and see your customer base increase exponentially.

Kendra Lee

“Financial Justification in a Snap.”

Listen to sales strategy expert Kendra Lee's podcast on how to create a financially compelling business case for your recommendations and get your customers to take
action now!

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Ron La Vine

How to Measure Cold Calling Efforts, By Ron La Vine

These metric formulas will enable you to measure Call Effectiveness, Contact Qualification Success Ratio, Overall Performance, Overall Efficiency, Overall Effectiveness and Overall Call Analysis.

Ari Galper

“How To Eliminate Sales Rejection, Sales Scripts and Start Selling With Trust and Authenticity!”

If you flick through the pages of business magazines and sales training material, you will find a constant flow of messages like, “Focus on closing the sale”'; “Overcome objections”; “Be relentless”; “Accept rejection as a normal part of selling”; “Use persuasion to get useful information about your prospects”; and “Chase the sale”.In short, get the sale at the expense of the human relationship.Learn how to eliminate sales rejection, sales scripts, and start selling with authenticity!

Jonathan Farrington

"The Problem With Sales Training""

Jonathan Farrington discusses the key issues facing organizations looking to hire sales training vendors, and predicts how sales teams will be developed in the

Sharon Drew Morgen

Morgen Ebook Series: Changing the Process from Selling to Helping Buyers Buy

Introduction to Buying Facilitation®: The sales process manages needs assessement and solution placement, but omits the behind-the-scenes issues buyers must manage before they buy.

Mike Brooks

Learn how to close more sales by downloading and using these: "Ten Techniques to Instantly Make You a Better Closer."

Zig Ziglar

The Proud Profession of Selling by Zig Ziglar

Hear from America’s motivator, Zig Ziglar. He will inspire you to be a professional salesperson. Laugh, listen and learn from the master salesperson himself.

Tom Ziglar

Timeless Truths in a 2.0 Sales World

Utilizing 2.0 to spread the word in the right way by, owning the product/service, inner integrity and amplification of the message.

Brian Tracy

Brilliant on the Basics Ebook – Finding One Key Skill to Help You Double Your Sales and Your Income.

Bud Bilanich

Success Tweets: 140 Bits of Common Sense Career Success Advice, all in 140 Characters or Less. Become a super salesperson. Read Success Tweets: 140 Bits of Common Sense Career Success Advice, all in 140 Characters or Less. Great advice, cleverly packaged. Small enough to keep with you at all times.

Charles Green

If You Think Expertise Sells, Think Again

Charles H. Green’s findings from 12,000 takers of the Trust Quotient test. Which drivers of trust work ? What can you do ? Hint : it’s not more expertise.

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Chris Lytle

The Magic E-Mail

A quick example of a follow-up email that gets your prospect to respond.

The Accidental Sales Person

Giving readers the road map to succeeding in sales. Using engagement metrics and a calendar basis to improve the sales process.

John Holland - Customer Centric Selling

Keys to Success when dealing with the Business to Business Buying Cycle.

David Kurlan

Visual Pipeline Tool

Goal setting and the right attitude will help propel your sales. Also, tips on making a successful transition to sales management.

Diane Helbig

Successful Selling in Tough Times is designed to help sales professionals navigate this uncertain economy. People ARE buying – are you selling to them?

Ed Brodow

Exclusive Report: Negotiation for SellersGet a free copy of the Exclusive Report: Negotiation for Sellers by Ed Brodow, author of Negotiation Boot Camp and negotiation guru on PBS.

Dan Miller - General Physics

Product Positioning and Prospecting

Learn how knowing more about your product/service and how to get information to your target market can help your sales success.

Jacques Werth

High Probability Selling

Recording of Scott Channel’s interview of Jacques Werth. Common sales methods, though logical, seldom work. Why?

Jeb Brooks

“The Premium Price Seller’s Ready Reference Guide "

“The Premium Price Seller’s Ready Reference Guide” offers you 33 strategies customers use to negotiate better prices and how to win those negotiations!

Jeffrey Fox

How to be a Fierce Competitor and Rainmaker

People are not the most important asset of a company, customers are. Tools to get more customers.

John Klymshyn

Making the Connection

Listen to this motivational message and you’ll make more connections, make more money and have more fun.

Sales Call Structure

Learn how to take control of a sales call at the outset.


Linda Richardson

How Sales Coaching Can Make a Huge Difference

The impact and benefits of Sales Coaching in today's economy. Understanding the difference between coaching and feedback.

Mark Hunter

“Working with Purchasing Departments"

Why dread working with purchasing departments when you could have the tips that lead to success? This eBook by Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter” gives you the edge you need!

Michael Oliver

A Special “Natural Selling” Audio Program

Exclusively for “Mastering the World of Selling.”How To Have Fearless Conversations And Build Your Business Faster, Without Fear, Rejection Or Objections!

Mike Bosworth

Story Leaders "White Paper": The Missing Link in Sales 2008, after 32 years of training salespeople tobe competent, I finally realized I can teach them how to create the emotional connection that needsto precede their sales methodology.

Paul McCord

Bust Your Slump: A Dozen Proven Strategies To Fill Your Pipeline in 30 Days

Porter Henry – Warren Kurzrock

SalesEmpower Playbook for In-Field Selling Skill Reinforcement

Sales Empower Playbook provides in-field sales skill reinforcement and enhances coaching quality (live or from a distance). This unique skill development kit provides the sales skill resources and tools for assessment and reinforcement on the job. Designed for individual sales rep use, it enables the sales manager to connect in the process and make distance coaching contact more frequently.

LaVon Koerner

Advanced Questioning Techniques for Consultative Selling

How to mentally and emotionally engage decision makers by having "Real" conversations. Learn why clarifying your motivation as a Sales professional and your desire to help people will make all the difference.

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Roxanne Emmerich

Free Bonus Download from Thank God It's Monday!

Roxanne Emmerich is one of today’s most in-demand transformation agents. Her new book Thank God It's Monday! is about loving what you’re doing and creating massive results. Read it today to transform your career from “ho-hum” to “bring-it-on!”

SPI Sales-Keith Eades

Using Best Practices and Strong Pipeline Management Tools to Increase Sales and Productivity

Utilizing the Successful Sales Formula: Sales = Pain x Power x Vision x Value x Control, and Qualifying/Disqualifying techniques to increase sales efficiency.

Steve Maul-Infomentis

Why Skills-Based Training Implementations Fail


The Sant Corporation-Dr. Tom Sant

The Four Best Practices of Proposal Writing

Delivering a persuasive message, client centered content, compelling value proposition and a clear and concise presentation.

Todd B. Natenberg

Why Won’t They Call Me Back?:

How To Double Your Sales Appointments In Half The Time!

Tom Freese

Selling Yourself in Today's Market

Why selling yourself is so important for sales success. Tips on how to differentiate yourself and get the job or the sale.

Tom Hopkins

Nothing happens until someone sells something. Learn simple, yet powerful strategies to find more clients and close more sales from master sales trainer, Tom Hopkins.

Tom Searcy

Turn your good questions into great questions and close transformational accounts with this set of Field Notes from large account expert Tom Searcy.

Tony Parinello

Selling to VITO

Tips on how to reach and connect with Very Important Top Officers. Understand the four major issues that VITO’s want to discuss and resolve.

Wendy Weiss

The Voice Mail Report: Naming & Reaching the Decision-Maker

By Wendy Weiss, The Queen of Cold Calling

This information-packed, white paper gives you the exact tools that you need to identify key decision-makers and reach them directly.

Drew Stevens

“Powerful Negotiation Tips” 
"Pump Up Your Productivity”

Learn the secrets of negotiating anything you want when you want. And gain “top insider” sources of saving time while reducing stress and labor.

Harry J. Friedman

"The Trial Close":

Closing the Sale by Adding On!

Dirk Zeller

Blue Print for Success – How to Achieve a Higher Level of Success in Your Career and Life.

Sandler Training

Why Salespeople Fail and What You Can Do About It.   

Ian Brodie

The 3 Secrets of Getting More Sales Online -  In this 20 minute training video, Ian Brodie shows you the 3 key steps to generating a flood of sales leads for your business online.

Lee Salz

Compensate to Motivate – Design the Right Sales Compensation for Your Team.

Dan Seidman

Hilarious selling blunders from one of America's top speakers and sales trainers. Download some of Dan Seidman's top tales, with the lessons learned.

Conrad Elnes

Resolve Buyer Objections; Close More Sales.

Robert Calvin

Best Practices for Increasing Sales Force Productivity in 2010.

Franklin Covey

Greatness on the Go Podcast Series: Helping Clients Succeed

The Franklin Covey “Greatness on the Go Podcast Series” offers quick training tips on how you can become great in your personal and professional lives! Offered for Mastering the World of Selling are 14 tracks from the series with tips on helping clients succeed.

Bob Burg

Winning Without Intimidation

Get what you want, when you want it and from whom you want it — while making others feel good about themselves and you in the process! This 268 page ebook covers all areas of dealing with people; especially the difficult people and situations we all are faced with from time-to-time, though it might seem like every day. I invite you to listen and re-listen to this program until you master a level of “people-skills” you never dreamed you could have. You’ll attain a level of respect from others you may never have realized you were capable of attaining, and your finances will improve dramatically, as well.


Jeff Thull

Avoid the Traps of Self-Commoditization – Get Paid for Your High-Value Solutions, Chapter Two of Mastering the Complex Sale by Jeff Thull

Blair Singer

“Sales is your #1 Skill!”

Best-selling author and Rich Dad advisor Blair Singer, and Robert Kiyosaki, declare “Sales is your #1 Skill!” Listen to this candid conversation between them to learn more.
Doyle Slayton

15 Rules For Becoming a Top Producer!
Jim Cathcart

Sales Psychology: Understanding The Mind of The Buyer
Bill Rosenthal

Ten Reasons Why Sales Presentations Fail
Sam Richter

Sam Richter, creator of the #1 rated Know More! sales training program, shares how to find information and how to use it to win!
Dave Kahle
How Systems Thinking Can Transform Your Sales Force
This special report from Dave describes a paradigm-busting concept that can transform your sales force into the productive effort you’d like it to be. This 23- page document includes case studies and a self-assessment. Every sales executive should have a copy.

Jeb Blount

The single biggest mistake people make when goal setting is the failure to write them down. Jeb Blount, bestselling author of People Buy You has developed a free Goals and Planning Guide designed to help you gain the success you deserve.

Sam Deep

Consider it Done! A Contract of Accountability by Sam Deep

Floyd Wickman

Listen to the STRAIGHT TALK: SALESMANSHIP secrets shared by sales industry master Floyd Wickman in this powerful MP3. From defining what sets apart the great from the rest to realizing your next level, don't miss this!

In this intimate, insightful audio clip, Floyd shares some of the most powerful salesmanship lessons needed to catapult your career, captivate your customers and create that peace of mind that comes with knowing you've got what you need to make a difference in your life.  Listen, laugh and learn today in this segment of The Straight Talk Program:  Salesmanship. 

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